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  • We are dedicated to providing young people with tools they need to succeed in life, both academically and emotionally. As a member of our team, you will have the opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of young people, by helping them to develop key skills such as confidence, resilience, and communication. Witnessing their growth and progress is an incredibly rewarding experience, as we work towards creating a more equal society and a brighter future for the next generation. Join us in making a lasting impact on young people's lives.

    Pedro Correia

    School Programme Manager

  • The problem was that I was too focused on being silly. When teachers would say that I was disrupting the learning of other students, I would be so baffled. But now, when other students are disrupting my learning, I’m telling them to fix up. The problem was that what I was being told in Year 8 just wouldn’t register with me. FBB helped me with this. Being with my FBB Programme Leads taught me that you can have jokes with adults while still following some rules. I began to learn that there is a time and place for where to act a certain way. FBB showed me the value of respect.


    FBB Participant, Albion Academy

  • FBB practitioners are great, they are like my big cousins and they came to work here and whenever I see them I talk to them about my problems and they help solve them [...] they talk to us and help us understand. The impact on FBB is amazing I used to get a lot of detentions and behaviour problems but now I barely have any problems will anyone or teachers.


    FBB Participant, City Academy

  • At FBB every staff member is united by the vision of changing the lives of young people. Working with such passionate and motivated individuals means there is never a dull day and every second you spend with young people in meaningful and rewarding. Being a member of the FBB fam means you are supporting young people to not only realise their potential and be successful in school but thrive in life beyond.

    Roya Mehdizadeh-Valoujerdy

    Project Lead




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